It is very easy to travel to Göcek, which is 20 minutes from Dalaman Airport. Modern Göcek is a charming village in the Fethiye district of Muğla province, located on the south-west coast of Turkey. With the increase in boat tourism in the region, the popularity of Göcek has increased recently.

While sailing in the bays of Göcek, it is priceless to get away from the stress of today's life, away from the crowds, in touch with nature, to immerse yourself in the turquoise waters and spend time with your loved ones. Gocek, with its perfect harmony of nature and peace.

Göcek Kleopatra Hamam Bay

In its interior, surrounded by olive and pine trees, there are the remains of a historical bath, the floor of which is submerged in the sea. Those who visit this bay by boat can swim in the clear waters of the bay and examine the interior of this bath, which is said to have been built by Cleopatra, or go ashore and see this historical structure from land. Cleopatra Bay is a very special place where you will feel yourself in history while enjoying the sea.

Göcek Göbün Bay

This cove is on the W of Göbün Cove. Sheer cliffs on both sides recess like fjords. This cove is a nice spot for swimming breaks-the setting is impressive-but the ancorages are open to prevailing winds. There are considerable depths in the bay. You can drop anchor in 25-30m. A rough path goes to Göbün.

Göcek Binlik Bay

Binlik Bay, which has a unique natural beauty among the slopes descending steeply to the sea, is one of the most frequented places of blue cruises as it is a safe anchorage place. You can do water sports and angling in the Bay, where the pine trees go down to the sea, as well as take your snorkel and explore the mysterious waters of Binlik Bay.

Göcek Merdivenli Bay

It is a small bay between two hills, just west of Göbün Bay. There is a small sandy beach behind it and a small pathway crosses to Göbün Bay. This bay between two high hills within the view of the canyon is open to the breeze. However, it is convenient to stay for a day. The optimum depth here is at 25-30 meters.

Göcek Bedri Rahmi Bay

This Bay, which is the freshwater source of the blue cruise boats, is located under a slope where the ancient Lycian King tombs are found. Visitors can climb a steep path to see these cemeteries and enjoy the unique view of the slope.